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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Stressed Out.......Breast cancer scare...

I havent been posting much. Two weeks ago I went in for my annual exam and they found a lump in my breast. Three days later I had a mammogram. Then I had to wait for 3 days and see if they called me back. Thank God they didnt call. I think its riduculous that they cant call and tell you either way. Nope, you have to sit and wait for bad news.
Last year I had a mammogram the day before Thanksgiving. The next Monday I got a call saying we see "something" and you have to come back in. A week later I had a sonogram and I could even see the lump. Then I had to go see a breast cancer Dr. Since he couldnt feel the lump I had to make an appointment with the hospital and have a biopsy done. They put a little titanium clip in the spot so they can watch it easier on each mammogram. There was a woman there who was training to do biopsys and they asked me if she could come in and watch, I said sure. Well, I saw her looking whoosy and down she went. Passed out from watching what they were doing to me. Then I had to wait 3 more days to find out if it was cancer. He called me back himself and it was not cancer. It took 30 days and all those appts. to find out if I had cancer. We have no insurance so the biopsy cost almost $2000.00. We are still paying that bill. What a nightmare. I am very thankful that I am o.k.


Blogger Chel said...

Oh Debbie, I just read this.

I had a very similar thing happen to me a couple of years ago. They found a tumor and did a surgical biopsy. I had to wait between appointments, wait after the biopsy procedure, and then GO IN to meet with the doctor all to find out it was benign. Thank the good lord we did have insurance, but even still - I laid in bed crying, thinking about what I would tell my children - while we waited for those results.

I am so so gald to hear that all was fine for you, too, in the end.

xoxo - Chel

10:46 PM  

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